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"Even if you agreed to be whipped, cut, beaten, cuffed, collared, gagged, and put in a cage, I will be doing exactly none of it, nor will I allow you to try it on me." he replied. "And if you’re wondering what sort of special person it takes to appreciate my lifestyle, it would be someone willing to either give out or withstand those punishments and more. If you’re willing I may be able to offer a few pointers before I have to leave for the day, but I refuse to demonstrate. I don’t have permission from my masters to play with others, nor do we share the same connection I have with them."

“Yes I like whipped cream, I can cut any slice of cake you throw at me, I can beat dough, I have been in a magic show, I had a dog once, I have gagged on a piece of candy, and I have been caged by the Queen for disobeying one of her nonsensical rules. Also you aren’t my first choice for a partner either.” he stated the obvious.“Anyhow I would gladly except your pointers for this fun game Hare and myself might partake in later.”

"It’s not a game!" he protested. "You have the wrong idea about what I just told you. What I meant was that you have to be willing to give or receive physical pain. One of you has to be willing to take complete control of the other and one of you has to relinquish that control. And at the same time, you have to keep yourselves equally important to each other. This is an entire lifestyle apart from what you and Hare have already done with your food play, and I’m not sure someone as innocent as you would enjoy it."

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